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Teaching Children and Adults About Pollinators

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Hi, I’m The Bee Lady,

I can come to your school or business in North Carolina/Charlotte area and present a program that will start your students on the path to learning about pollinators. They will learn how Honey Bees live. They will learn what flowers pollinators love most!! And they will learn the fact that Honey Bees bring us this wonderful thing called Honey! !

Each lesson or class will include a detailed presentation. Chose a program and I will tell the story of the Honey Bee and I will tell you about other pollinators such as butterflies, Native Bees, Moths, etc. My hands on, interactive items include parts of a bee hive (i.e. honey comb, bee frames & hive box), the bee suit that I wear, hive tools and of course, my smoker.

I can also provide honey tasting with fresh honey from my hives. There are also a couple of short videos……just for fun!

So many children today live only in an “inside” world. They do not have opportunity to go outside into nature. Maybe both parent work? Maybe there is only a single parent. Many children are introduced to TV and computer games at a very young age and possibly only get the chance to be outside on a limited basis.

Children love to hear about nature. They love to get involved with the “outside” world.

“All things that are introduced to a young child can enhance the future that they create.”

Do you home school your children? Are you a teacher at a school and want to teach about nature? Do you care for children in a daycare environment and need educational ideas?

The Children are our future. They must learn to be stewards of Mother Earth!!

Also, if you are a Public School, library or other non-profit organization, I can do programs at reduced prices. Please contact me!

Beehive Beekeeping Mentorship

Are you a professional business owner? Need ideas for monthly meetings and strategy planning?

There is a lot of similarities between the employees in the workplace and the Honey Bee Hive!!

Give me a call to discuss a program.

Are you a new beekeeper or looking for help?

At certain times of the year, my local Bee Club teaches a Bee School.  I also mentor new beekeepers.


The Wonderful World of Pollinators


Honey Bees

The first in the series of “The Wonderful World of Pollinators”. Students explore detailed workings of a Honey Bee hive. While seeing vivid, up close pictures from an actual bee hive, student learn the specific and fascinating duties of each resident of the hive. With this one hour presentation there are Show & Tell props, hands on look at honey comb from a hive and other honey bee hive parts. (such as the hive, its frames, a Smoker, a Bee Suit, etc.). Also includes honey tasting. (for groups under 50)

Beehive Entrance

Native Bees and Pollinators

The second in the series of “The Wonderful World of Pollinators”
In a one hour presentation students learn information about the vast world of Native Bees, Butterflies and Pollinators. There are many, many pollinators that will make that tomato, that cucumber or watermelon. How do they do it? Students learn the different types of pollinators that can be seen in the garden! The presentation includes:

Ageratum Hardy Ageratum

PLan It And They Will Come

The third in the series of “The Wonderful World of Pollinators”

Student will learn what plants can be grown and what pollinator it will bring to the garden. This one hour presentation will inspire students to plant for our pollinators and learn what flowers the bees and pollinators Love.

This program includes instructions on how to create a small pollinator garden that can be made in your own yard through direct planting or making seed bombs, enabling the student to go out to enjoy bees and butterflies doing the work of pollination in their own yard.

You Can Help The Pollinators

Do you want more pollinators in your landscape? Tired of mowing so much lawn? I can help you turn that grass into a garden that will benefit pollinators. Every garden that is planted with pollinator friendly plants will help our honey bees, native bees and butterflies to recover from the devastating effects of urbanization. In order to save our pollinators, we must replace the food sources that have been destroyed.

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