I totally missed Aprils blog post. The Month went by so quickly, that I did not have time to write the blog post.

April is also a VERY BUSY month for bees and this year was no exception. The Bees were not kicking back and drawing unemployment!! They were out in the beautiful world gathering all the goodness of nectar that the Tulip Poplar had to offer!!

Me, the Beekeeper, was trying to keep up with how fast the bees were building up, by putting new boxes and supers on the hive to store all that wonderful honey!!

So here we are….the END OF MAY 2021!!!!

The bees are now done with their “frenzied” need to collect as much nectar as they possibly can. The Tulip Poplar is done blooming for another year. The Bees are now back to the collecting of nectar from Clover & Privet. You might say, a bit of a slower pace. Although Bees NEVER slow down!!!

The Bees work is not done. This next month will be ALL about capping off the nectar that has been collected during the nectar flow and turning it into honey. This is done by the bees fanning the nectar and reducing the water content. This nectar will turn into a thick, pure substance known as wonderful honey…..that it will last FOREVER!!

If a harvest is done before the nectar is mostly turned into honey, the honey will not last. It will ferment. So this step is very, very important. No honey is harvested until it is capped!!!

So while I wait for the honey to be made, I have a RANT that I am going to throw into the blog this month.


Today is Memorial Day!! I remember as a kid, we would attend a ceremony for the fallen soldiers. My Dad served in the Army and 2 of my brother also served. There was a pride in that serving!! A respect for country and flag.

I am having a tough time seeing that same respect in people today. I see so much apathy in both adults and children. The kids that have parents in the Military seem to truly know about the sacrifice, but what about all the others?? It seems like it has been that way for a long time!! Most in my small town were either drafted into the Military or maybe they had a calling and enlisted, but in that small town where I grew up, there was pride in our Country and a Quest for Freedom!!


Today I see such disrespect, for not only in other people, but also for the land in which we call home. I see so much litter, that at times, it makes me cry! I pick up trash everyday on a road that I walk. I am very sad to say that many days I find trash blatantly thrown in the middle of the road. I pick up left over fast food containers, cups, cans, bottles and even the receipts where the trash was payed for with a credit card!! TOTAL DISRESPECT!!

I have inquired to authorities about the credit card receipts. My claim was that….look, we can tell exactly who threw all of this stuff out their car window! All the receipts that I picked up had the same last 4 numbers!! One morning I picked up a medical appointment card with the first name on it, along with prescription bags and bottles. There was also a dollar bill in the pile. This person evidently had more money than sense!!!!!

I was told by authorities that nothing could be done about the littering, even though a quick check of CC numbers would tell them exactly who was doing it!!! How is that for Bureaucratic Bullshit???


This is word for word what I was told about prosecution of those that litter.

” You can report them utilizing the NCDOT Swat-A Litterbug. If you have the proper information, the state will issue a warning to the vehicle owner. No fine.”

Another “word for word” quote:

“I hate litter as much as anyone but the reality of that prosecution is difficult. Of those that are prosecuted, two thirds of the cases are thrown out. We can continue to press for stronger enforcement but given fiduciary responsibilities of the city and state, there are simply higher priorities for our tax dollars. The real answer to litter problems is education and awareness. Starting with the children. We conduct litter sweeps to pick up litter and this education is important to promote community litter solutions and awareness.”

What are the consequences in such a statement????

LIKE I SAID….NO PRIDE IN OUR LAND ANYMORE!! Just treat it like a worn out old dish rag that has no further use!!

This Blog is about EDUCATING THE MASSES!! What if the masses will not listen anymore? What if the masses are so hopeless that they can no longer learn?? Then what??

I am beginning to think this is what we are left with in so much of the population. Nobody cares anymore! So many are of the mind of ….. “Let someone else deal with it.” “It’s not my problem.”

Done with Rant. I leave you with this picture to ponder.

My closing comments are that I hope and pray that our country will again find the respect for land that we call our Home.



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