I take honey from my Bees once a year. If the Spring is “spring like” and not “summer like”, then there can be some honey for me to take.

The past 2 springs have been cooler with ample rain fall, unlike springs in previous years. I’ve seen temps in April and May so hot that that blooms on the trees and plants wilt and die. I’ve seen springs so wet that it washes out all the nectar in the flower.

This year we had a late frost and I was very afraid that it would damage the buds of the Tulip Poplars, but we must have dodged that bullet as I took 200 pounds off of 5 hives.

Honey is such an amazing food for both the Honey Bees and humans. Bee are so very efficient. They do not miss an opportunity in the nectar gathering catagory. If conditions are favorable, they will collect nectar and make more honey than they will ever eat in a year, so that tells me that humans are meant to share in that abundance.

The properties of Honey are numerous.

  • antibacterial action
  • wound-healing effects
  • dietary antioxidants
  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • anti-fungal
  • Antiviral
  • Anticancer

Now science is saying that just having bees and being a Beekeeper is beneficial due to the vibration that they emit. The wax is used as aroma therapy and when extracting honey, the smell as it comes out of the frames is exquisit.

The popolis from the bees also has health benefits.

There is so much from this fascinating Honey Bee that benefits the Bees and humans.

Here are the photos from our 2023 Honey Harvesting. This group of Mentees is SUPER DUPER!!!

Could not have done it without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is such a LABOR OF LOVE!!!! and I LOVE Beeing a BEEKEEPER.


The Bee Lady

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