I do not go into my Bees a lot after the Summer Solstice. They tend to not like me during those months, and rightly so. Honey Bees are working hard to get ready for winter. Gathering as much food as possible.

Usually I can use little to no smoke, but not in September!!!

We are getting into the Fall nectar flow now. Golden Rod, Woodland aster, Boneset, Partridge Pea, Wingstem, Sunflowers of all types will be blooming soon. Obedient Plant, Golden Rain Tree & Sumac are blooming now.

I will wait until most of the fall blooming plants are finished before I determine if I need to feed my bees before winter gets here. I usually feed them a minimal amount.

Many beekeepers feed right away in the fall, but I would rather that my bees have the natural food sources from nature, rather than sugar syrup. Sugar syrup does not contain the nutrients that my bees will need. I will always opt for the natural sources.

This way, the bees will be storing the good stuff where they will cluster first. If those stores run out, they will have the sugar syrup for an emergency.

I pray for rain to keep the flower blooming. When they bloom, the bees will find them!!


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