I have been waiting to write this blog as I was not sure what exactly I wanted to write. Now I know that I will (like always) write my truth!!

It is Spring here in the Eastern part of the US. Spring means flowers, birds, pollen and what so many people call “WEEDS”!!

The definition of a Weed – A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, “a plant in the wrong place”.

Ok, I can go with that, but your weed and my weed might not be the same thing.

Let’s look at the Dandelion / Taraxacum is the Latin name. The dandelion is one of the first signs of Spring in my area. It is the first source of nectar for a lot of pollinators. It is a broad leaf plant. So many people get triggered by this plant and I am not exactly sure why, but when this plant emerges from the soil many people have what I call “A Stupid Attack” and the only thing that will calm this attack is spraying a bunch of poison everywhere!!

For some reason they do not enjoy the beauty of the yellow dandelion or the fact that you can eat every part of this plant and it is very healthy for humans and pollinators alike.

Another plant that grows quite nicely in my area is Dead Nettle (Lamium purpureum) and Hen Bit (Lamium amplexicaule). Many people get these confused, but again, they are very beneficial early blooming plants that provide nutrition in the early months of Spring.

Hen Bit

Again, people get this “crazy stupid urge” to go out and spray poisons on this plant.

Clover is the next one! Clover (genus Trifolium-from Latin tres ‘three’ + folium ‘leaf’) blooms a little later than the first two that I mentioned and again is a powerhouse of nutrition for the pollinators. The Honey Bees make delicious honey from it’s nectar. I am perplexed that those that spray this plant with their poisons, really do not know what the hell they are doing. Kill the Clover and you have no Clover Honey!!

Honey Bee on Clover

There are many others plants that these “CRAZED” insane people spray with their poisons and it proves to be because they would rather grow this worthless crop called “GRASS”!! They are very confused about what is important!!

A well-manicured lawn uses up to 900 liters of water per day and reduces sequestration effectiveness by up to 35 percent by adding emissions from fertilization and the operation of mowing equipment. Not to mention the fortune that you will spend on seed, fertilizers and herbicides (poisons).

The herbicide glyphosate, is a very toxic substance and most all herbicides contain some version of this poison. Many studies show that the use of this substance increases the risk of cancer in the user and numerous court hearings are siting this fact.

“A great variety of chemical substances with mutagenic potential, both natural and synthetic, have been investigated. Many of these substances are found in food, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and in complexes of domestic and industrial effluents. It is known that these compounds can cause detrimental inheritable changes in the genetic material, without these changes being expressed immediately. Thus, several compounds dispersed in the environment can represent danger to human health, since they present a potential to induce mutations”


We must stop this insane process!! We Must Ask ourselves….WHY IS THIS PRODUCT BEING SOLD IN OUR STORES AND WHY????


My honey bees are very busy foraging in the Tulip Poplar tree at this time. (At least these stupid people cannot poison these flowers that are approximately 50-100 feet in the air). My apiary has increased from 3 to 9 hives due to extensive swarming this spring.

The more bees you have, the more abundant the honey crop will be!! I am looking forward to this!!

Until Next Month


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