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I don’t really remember a July in North Carolina that was not hot. There might have been one, but not in recent years. July is

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I’m BACK!! The Bee Lady is back up and running with a BRAND NEW LOOK AND A BRAND NEW WEBSITE! The Hiatus was from blogging,

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Big Mama Sunflower Bee Hive Installation

The Installation of Big Mama Sunflower….part 2

Delivery of my hives had occurred and I used the cold-ish spring months to paint and decorate the hive.  I also used that time to get the hive and bees ready for the transfer of the bees into the new hive.  This Big Mama hive had double deep frames attached together with wire.  ​ Double Deep Horizontal Frames I installed a few of these frames in a double boxed hive that I had in my apiary.  This way the bees could start working  (making wax) on the […]

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Big Mama Sunflower Beehive Installation


I’ve been a beekeeper now for 9 years.  I do not have any of the original hives that I started with, but in this day and age, I am not sure any beekeeper can keep a hive alive for 9 years.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes in those 9 years!  Yes, some did result in the loss of hives, so I have learned to make splits and increase the number of hives, because you just know that you are going to lose some.  I’ve learned that even the best beekeepers lose hives.  It is just […]

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