The Installation of Big Mama Sunflower….part 2

Delivery of my hives had occurred and I used the cold-ish spring months to paint and decorate the hive.  I also used that time to get the hive and bees ready for the transfer of the bees into the new hive.

This Big Mama hive had double deep frames attached together with wire.

Double Deep Horizontal Frames
Double Deep Horizontal Frames

I installed a few of these frames in a double boxed hive that I had in my apiary. This way the bees could start working (making wax) on these new frames.


Big Mama Sunflower Bee Hive Installation
Big Mama Sunflower Bee Hive Installation

At last Big Mama Sunflower was completed and the hive that was to move in was also strong and healthy.

A friend that I was mentoring came over to help me and took these great pictures…..

Big Mama Sunflower Beehive Installation
Big Mama Sunflower Beehive Installation
Big Mama Sunflower Beehive Installation
Big Mama Sunflower Beehive Installation
After this installation, I left the bees alone for a little over a week. Then I did an inspection to see how the hive was doing. The bees were building some wax at the time of that inspection, but I suspect that the building has halted as we are now in a pretty heavy dearth. All the food that they bring in now will be used to sustain them. It has been almost 2 months since they took up residence in Big Mama Sunflower. It will be time to inspect again soon.
2018 Bee Lady Apiary
2018 Bee Lady Apiary

Next month we will be talking about making sure that you Bees are ready for winter…….

​Yes. I said Winter!!

Bees start thinking about Winter once the Summer Solstice has passed.

3 thoughts on “The Installation of Big Mama Sunflower….part 2”

  • I was just thinking of doing a 15 frame extra deep hive, double box brood (24″) How has this Big Mama hive worked out for you?

    • It is doing very well Becky. It is about time to do a later summer inspection and see what they have stored for winter.

      • So I did another inspection and these girls have done such an awesome job!! On one of the frames, the weight of the honey that they have brought in is almost pulling the frame apart. I need to be aware of this while making the frames and reinforce them with extra nails. I want to have another one built and install it next spring. I will be pulling any frames that they have not drawn out yet and putting all the food frames together for winter. I’ll be doing that in October. Other than that, this hive is ready for winter!

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