APRIL-Month of Nectar Flow and Busy Bees!

Right on queue (Q) this year, the tree with a very large source of nectar, did not fail to show it’s brilliance. The wonderful Tulip Poplar Tree is my main source of nectar/honey in the South East states.

Just as expected, 21 days after the tree leafs out, it produces Big Huge colorful blooms that can fill the hive and many supers with the delicious, dark honey. It is truly one of my favorite honeys.

We are into week 5 of the bloom. There has been some heavy rain that washed out the nectar, but there has also been a good amount of days that the bees could forage on this wonderful bloom. A Bee will go to this flower and fill up with nectar from just that one flower. Other flowers take many visits to fill their honey stomach. This abundance of nectar in one flower makes it possible for the Honey Bee to bring it into the hive very quickly. If the sun is shining and no rain for a day or two, the Honey Bee is efficient and organized in filling their hive.

Another bloomer at this time is Blackberry. Some of the bushes that I am seeing are LOADED with blooms. This will make for a very successful Blackberry season. The issue here is – will the Bees take a break from the Tulip Poplar to pollinate the blackberries? If not, there are other pollinators that will.

Another bloomer – Privot!! This bush is an invasive species and you can see it growing everywhere. I took out a big bush and now am proceeding to pull all the new plants. This invasive bush will blow seeds everywhere. It can take over huge sections of land and woods. Some like it for honey. I prefer that it not be on my property!!!!! If the Bees want it, they will find it!

Another April subject is Swarming. Some swarm in March, some swarm in April. Some swarm in March and April. Swarming is a natural brood break and is my form of treatment for varroa mites. I do not use chemicals in my hives.

I was very fortunate this year. I placed 3 swarm boxes on my property. All 3 swarm boxes caught a swarm. I am guessing they are from my hives. One never knows for sure. If I had other swarms, I did not see them swarm and I am only seeing evidence of swarming in a couple of hives.

The Bees saved me some time and went directly into my swarm traps. No catching necessary.

So far, I have had a very productive Spring season with my Bees!! I really believe that I am over the critical point in my apiary. Healthy and productive. Everything that you want in a Honey Bee!!

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