The months are passing quickly. Winter is almost coming to a close. Not that we cannot have frosts and cold temperatures in February, but we do get nice 60 – 70 degree days once in a while.

My frost date here in the south is April 15.

When we get those nice temps, the Honey Bees are everywhere. They are finding what is blooming – and Yes, in the South, there are things blooming in February.

The Show Stopper is the Daffodils, but Bees do not get much from daffodils. I have seen them foraging them, but not if there is something else to forage.

Te Te Daffodil

What other forage blooms in February??? Camilla is one…….

Camilla Japonica

Hellebore is another ……


Dead Nettle is a great source of pollen….

Dead Nettle – Red Pollen

The Wonderful Dandelion …….. NO – It is NOT a Weed!!!! DO NOT SPRAY DANDELIONS!!!!!!


And an all time favorite of mine….. Calendula. I over winter it in my area by covering it during periods of frost. It germinates better in cooler weather and tends to stop blooming during very hot periods.


As the months get warmer, the list of plants that feed my Honey Bees gets larger.

Stay tuned for March, April & May!!!!


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