I write this blog at the brink of the biggest events that we all will ever witness in our lives!! Maybe in all of history?

I have been beekeeping for going on 12 years now and I am still fascinated and sometimes perplexed by this amazing flying insect. The skill and precision of the honey bee in doing what they do and what we ALL strive to do….SURVIVE!!

The human race is also in a struggle for their lives at this very point in time just as honey bees are in a struggle for theirs. There are forces that are attempting to eliminate us ALL!!

Consider all the poisons that are being spread everywhere, in our food, on our lands, in our water. Why do these chemical companies need all of these chemicals. Yes, I’ve heard the quote, better living through chemistry (aka-chemicals), but I have not seen the benefits for any of them!

We are in this fight together. Us and nature are fighting for the survival of the planet.

I do not put chemicals in my bee hives. Just the idea, to me, is nonsensical. Putting bug poison in a hive of bugs!!! Sure death for all involved. Yet, this is what is taught in most bee schools. And there is always some sort of disease that comes around or is maybe brought into this country?? How convenient to have all those chemicals there to put in that bee hive.


I continue to lose bees. The honey bees encounter poisons everyday in foraging unless you have a solid 4 acres of clean foraging around you. That is how far a honey bee flies to forage. I do grow a lot of forage for them, especially in the summer during dearth, but in spring, all bets are off. In Spring they forage mostly on trees, but there is also a lot of ground foraging that they do on what many would refer to as weeds. Stuff like Dead Nettle, Henbit and the good old dandelion.

First source of pollen in Spring

So, honey bees see their share of poisoned dandelions because somebody doesn’t like them. IMO, God made them, they are pretty, let them grow! Because you are killing the bees!!

Who told you that they were bad? Oh, ya… how convenient, that the chemical company said that they were bad and that they have a substance to get rid of them. That HOA that took the bait, hook line and sinker!! If you live in one, so did you! There are ways to do it non-chemically, but the majority of the population just does what the neighbor does, not thinking what it might affect.

If a honey bee brings in just a small amount of poison, the whole hive can die. Honey Bees share everything. They communicate by vibration, sound and taste.

My vision for this shifting is that we get our Earth back! We get nature back! That the poisoning of everything, including us, STOPS! Those that need to go down, do in fact go down

YUP….we are in a time of CHANGE!! Good change! SURVIVAL, but better.


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