What a Year 2020 Has Been

We have all been through a lot this year. Still I take the time to go out and watch my bees. I have a couple of chairs right at the entrance of my hives. I can sit there and watch what is going on in my hives on a nice sunny day. All of the worries and uncertainty of this year will dissolve when sitting in the sun on a warm December day, watching the Honey Bees go about their business.

They know what to do and when to do it. Nothing stops them from finding resources that will benefit their colony, even in December.

We can learn so much from the Honey Bee and all insects of God’s Earth, Our Mother Gaia.

I have heard that this is the year that many will find their way back to Nature, the beauty and majesty of our planet Earth. Whether that means starting a garden next spring or maybe even venturing into the world of being a beekeeper or just planting a container garden, we can all learn from what this planet Earth has to offer us, and hopefully we will not take our Freedoms for granted!!

I thank the Gods that brought me to beekeeping. The Honey Bee has taught me so much. I look forward to learning even more from them and possibly sharing that information again with you, my fellow Beekeepers and the youth of this planet. Because only a fool thinks that they know it all.


An update on the swarm that I caught back in late September. The hive is still alive and I see them going in and out of the hive. The number of bees were less than optimal, but they appear strong. We will see!!


At least 2020 gave me a Good Fall flow!!! There has been ample rain and the blooms of Golden Rod and Aster lasted from September well into late October.

Here are a few that I was able to capture. For the first time I was able to prove what food source the Honey Bee gets from Golden Rod and Aster.

Above is a Woodland Aster.  These were everywhere in my area.  As the picture shows, the honey bee collects the yellow pollen on her legs.  I think that the honey bee gets some nectar from this flower too.

The above is a picture of the Golden Rod growing in my yard.  This too was growing everywhere around me.  The Honey Bee is again collecting a yellow pollen from this flower.   Pollen is a necessary food source to feed the baby honey bees.  


Last Blog of the year 2020!!  Many want it to end ASAP!!  I think that we have all had an opportunity to learn something from 2020!!



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