On December 21, 2023 we had the Winter Solstice.

Humans and Bees live by the day lengths. We experience the shortening of the days up to the Winter Solstice and then the glorious lengthening of days after the 21st. Bee also know this lengthening and on warm afternoons can be seen foraging for what they can find. Sometimes just for water for the hive.

The Bees might just be more in tune to the length of days than humans, as they rely on the coming of spring and the newly emerging sources of forage.

Sources say that the Sun is healing for Humans. The lies about it being harmful are just that…..LIES!!

“When we absorb light from the sun different reactions occur within the body. These reactions help our bodies to heal and function properly. There are so many healing benefits of sunlight. The sun is one of the most powerful healing modalities that we have available to us and it’s completely free!”

The Power of the SunHealing Benefits of Sunlight

Suns gazing can be very calming. I like to sun gaze at the Sunrise or the Sunset. My favorite time of year to do this is Fall to Winter. Early Spring is a good time too, but the Sun becomes very strong after Spring Equinox.

Both Humans and Bees thrive with the Sun’s healing powers. That should tell you why some would want to cover it up with man made cloud formations!

This December also has a Cold Full Moon on the 26th, while Pluto continues to bounce back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2024. This will be Pluto’s last retrograde – and then will go full force into Aquarius. I have heard Pluto to be one of the most potent planets and even more powerful when in retrograde.

Pluto is described as a cosmic detective, determined to find the real story. It forces us to focus on our own personal shadow side, specifically the unpleasant parts.

In the up coming year, I ask for ease and grace to be with me in our transition. Help me to stay positive and in my power.


My wish for 2024 is PEACE and a coming together for the Good of all Humans!!

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