Another year shot!!

As I was contemplating what to write for my end of the year blog, and while completing the busy work of wrapping my hives with insulation for winter, I saw a Yellow Jacket being escorted – not so nicely- by a worker bee, out of the hive I was working on. 

Yellow Jackets are seeking food from the hives.  Yellow Jackets are meat eaters.  They will go into a hive or around a hive to attempt to catch a bee, rip it’s head off and bring the body back to their young, or eat it themselves.  They prefer to  

What the Yellow Jacket doesn’t think about is the fact that it is WAY OUT NUMBERED and the chances of it succeeding is very low at this time of year. 

Almost instantly I thought, that is just the way our world is right now.  Sorry, but I may get a bit political with my thoughts of this event, but it is what it is.

Our world, especially my country, The USA, is being attacked by invaders.  A Yellow Jacket is not a bee.  It is a wasp and wasps are invaders in a bee hive.   The USA has Yellow Jackets in it’s bee hive!!!!!!!   

And there are those that Love this country and are guarding the entrance, just like at the bee hive.  Now a few of those Yellow Jackets have gotten into our USA bee hive and are causing havoc and killing of us bees.

Many ways they are killing us – poisons – chem-trails – “so called” medicine.  All in the name of “it’s good for the bees”.   But in real life, we are getting our heads ripped off.  Just like these invaders that we have in our hive, Yellow Jackets go for the young!!!!

We must protect our hive from these invaders.  These Yellow Jacket – young eating killers!!!!

That yellow jacket that I saw being escorted out of the hive – not so nicely – probably was killed and possible the bee that took it down may have also been killed.

That’s what bees do to protect their hives. 

That is what we humans must do to Protect our USA!!!

As we close out another year, I hope and pray that we all see what nature can tell us and bring to us. If we are looking, it can tell us a lot.


SEE YOU IN 2024!!!!


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